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    "I guarantee you I can walk into any situation and tell you what is wrong with it and how to do it better. Which is weird because I'm also an optimist. I tend to err on the side that people are doing the best they can and things will turn out ok."

    Wow, that's me too. Just ask Lissa, I am always telling her that I just want to be a "consultant" for multiple businesses and go live in their world for a short time and tell them how they can make it better, more efficient, and more enjoyable. I too tend to talk with resentment because to me, it seems like the solution to many issues that I see are soooooo easy and I struggle to understand why the issue that I see isn't already taken care of by those who have the power/authority to do so.

    I too Pete am going to venture on the 21 day trip of not speaking with resentment. Hopefully we can get this done in just 21 days and not take longer (although I know for me it'll probably take longer)

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Peter Bishop

    Very cool. Just so you know that trait is one of the things I most admire about you.


    I was going to say Ph. 2:14

    when I was reading that.
    Now that I am really getting into the word I see how it applies to my life.


    Thanks for this Pete. I'm with you here, I tend to walk into things being negative and wanting to "fix" whatever is going on.

    You've challenged yourself and me as well. Thanks!


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