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    • Wendy Bender
      My name is Wendy Bender and I am the Church Office Administrator for Crossroads Community Church.
    • W3 Women Who Worship
      A Crossroads Serving Team Geared Towards Women.
    • Scott Winstead
      40 Something Pastor Marrried to Debbie 2 kids Keshia and Jeremy and one almost human dog, Chip
    • Mad Mike
      Mad Mike Living In A Mad World
    • Kyle Brooks
      2-3 year old tech leader at Crossroads Community Church
    • Jason Ely
      Thoughts on being a single dad, living with Christ and anything else I can think of


    • Anthony Coppedge
      maximizing media & communications in ministry
    • ChurchMarketing Sucks
    • Going To 11
      Making Church Sound "1" Louder
    • inWorship
      I am a Creative Arts Pastor in Southern Oregon and I absolutely love what I do. I get to be who God created me to be and do that for a living and as ministry. I am very grateful.
    • Jason Powell
      IT Director at Granger Community Church, great wife and 2 boys, 3 cats
    • Kem Meyer
      Christ-Follower, Wife, Mom, Church Staff (in order)
    • Mark Waltz
      Christ-seeker/learner, husband, father of one daughter, connections guy

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    Jason Ely

    I would be doing what I do right now, spending as much time as I could with my son, volunteering full time for the church, going to school, with one exception. Probably more help for people in need with money resources, I would give more. I am doing exactly what I want to do with my life right now though, eith limited resources. I am doing what God made me to do.

    Mad Mike

    Umm well I think I would give bunch of money to the church and start the build of Crossroads. Next I would start a popcorn company. Last but not lest I would put all my effort into making a sweet animated movie to teach all about God and how he saves' lives.


    I would be a mom.....

    Brian Glass

    I actually got to thinking about this question a month or two ago when the lotto jackpot was so big. What if I won the lottery?

    1. quit my job
    2. pay off all my debts
    3. build Crossroads' building
    4. volunteer full-time at Crossroads
    5. give a big wad of money to Heifer International
    6. Join Mad Mike in making a cool animated flick
    7. put my kids in Christian school
    8. keep cooking
    9. run an ad campaign against Hillary
    10. lobby for raw milk rights

    I could keep going, but that will do for now.

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