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    Jason Ely

    Hey Pete, good post I agree totally. The hard part, even with being creative though, is coming up with new ideas. I mean look at Hollywood they are even starting to recycle themselves to the point everyone is starting to notice. I don't think they have come up with very many original ideas recently either. It is either a remake, a prequel, or a sequel. I do agree we should lead the way, I just think we need some serious brain storming to do so. I also think we are up to the challenge.

    Anthony D. Coppedge

    You're dead on when you asked "How do you walk the line between being totally innovative and redeeming culture and/or speaking in a way that the people around you get it?"

    It's about balance. I, too have been saying for years (read my articles, it's almost like a broken record!) that we should be leading. But there is one HUGE difference between the time when the church was the artistic epicenter and today: back then, the church had the most resources - today, the secular world has the most resources.

    Now before I get flamed about how God is more creative than any Ad Agency, the point is that our fast-paced, techno-savvy cultre is more apt to pay attention when we speak their language. To that end, we are wise to use the tools available and the methodology that they relate to.

    I think that, over time, as we reach those who work in these secular industries, we'll be able to lead instead of follow. We're just so far behind right now. I'm totally OK with a church using a pop culture parody. People love parodies, as long as they're done well. Cheesy is out, even if it's original and not a parody!

    I think the tone of that article was too damning on churches riffing off of pop culture. I'm OK with it, but am striving toward exceeding it.

    My 2 cents on the pile,


    Thanks for the comments guys. Jason I really think your right, I really feel like we are at a tipping point right now with creativity in our local culture. The next year is going to be interesting!

    Anthony I agree with you 100%. You always give me stuff to think about. A couple things I should have stressed or pontificated on are these thoughts by you...

    the point is that our fast-paced, techno-savvy cultre is more apt to pay attention when we speak their language.

    Exactly. My point exactly, or one of em. Obviously the churches we are in do this.( well you guys REALLY do it well, were trying hard) BUT... when do... and can we get to the point where we are ahead of this language curve.

    This one I found interesting....

    I think that, over time, as we reach those who work in these secular industries, we'll be able to lead instead of follow....

    For me myself and I.. I would rather see the Church get to the point where it values cutting edge thinking and creativity (and yes cutting edge can be biblically based) as a whole and value different gift sets and get to where it is building up leaders and sending them out into the world to really influence and change culture. Chritian Ad guys that are the best there is in that industry(as a whole) will influence that industry, Christian Movie Producers who are the best in that industry(as a whole) will influence that Industry. I would Love to see a time where the Church sends out- builds up Loving people with the "mission" of influencing and changing the creative and artistic thought process of this world and not just create a sub culture of our own. Roaring Lambs as it were.

    Anthony D. Coppedge

    You wrote: "I would rather see the Church get to the point where it values cutting edge thinking and creativity...Chritian Ad guys that are the best there is in that industry...hristian Movie Producers who are the best in that industry"

    I think while this is admirable, the context of those positions is directly tied into how those jobs are performed. Said another way, the secular industry people who are leaders in their fields USUALLY have nearly sold their soul (or led unhealthy, unbalanced, work-a-holic lives) to get to these places. It's not always who is the most creative or best director - it's how they drive themselves and those around them - at nearly any cost, personally - to get to these pinnacle positions.

    Now I am ready for God to give us another Solomon type in the Ad Agency or Film Industry, but I also remember who is the prince of this world for this time and know how God is allowing him to have his control.

    It's not cut and dry. The physical, emotional and spiritual ramifications of what's at stake are larger than I think we give understand. It's not simply about raising up Godly leaders who can impact an industry (there are those who do this now); it's also about understanding the times we live in and the magnitude and timing of the forces pitted against us.

    I hope this isn't too etherial, but I believe this is a bigger picture perspective on this topic.

    2 more cents on the pile,


    Interesting. I get the big picture idea and Im not trying to ignore that, I get the biblical ramifications of the war that is truly going on. No doubt about that. But the church as a whole I feel doesn't look at the fields of arts and entertainment and media as penetratable mission fields. Or fields at all? Anytime I see ad's in mags or wherever for arts and entertainment programs they always point people back at the Church. Not that that is bad in and of itself . For instance if you told the average person in the average church you were a musician and thinking about going into music, I would hedge to bet that average person would ask or assume your going to be a Worship Leader or function in some capacity of musical worship. Again not wrong but what if the thought process was to use that gift go out and influence the musicians outside of the church? I have talked to guys who grew up in church's who went to Full Sail or SAE to get engineer equivalents with the express consent of going back to their church's to run sound. Again not bad at all, but what if the thought process was ...lets go make a dent in this world..... What would happen if people that had a love and gift set for those area's were discipled biblically and turned losed to make a difference in those areas? I think some of the selling your soul stuff to make it would end, I think the quality of Christ-like art and entertainment would go up and I maybe Christ based art and entertainment would go from being the subculture to the culture.

    I understand the time we live in, I was one of the ones selling my soul a few short years ago. After starting the jouney Im on now... I know the magnitude and the timing of the forces pitted against us. And yet we've got some force too right?

    More questions, more questions..If nothing else this has given me some good thought and ideas in how to build into people with these gifts sets where we are. Thanks Anthony.

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