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    Brian Glass

    After our talk about this last Wednesday, I looked into "the ONE" campaign a bit more.

    My main complaint with it is what some of these quotations complain about. It's a political campaign rather than a grassroots movement. The US government is already giving a fair chunk of change to help other countries (e.g. the recent tsunami). Besides, I'm not sure I want my taxes increased any more. I'd rather give my money straight to the cause than have it go through my government.

    Jesus was very clear that we need to help the poor and such, but I also believe that the best way to help a person is not to give them a fish, but to teach them how to fish.

    If you look at the prosperity of the people and countries of the world I think you'll find that the most prosperous are those that a free. Repressive regimes cause poverty (e.g. Soviet Union, Iraq, etc). We can continue dumping gift money on the poor of these countries, but there will continue to be poverty in those countries no matter how much we contribute.

    I think the best thing we can do is what our country is doing right now in Iraq. We helped those people tear down a repressive government and we are now helping them get back on their feet and fish for themselves.

    Brian Glass

    I just came across this this morning. It seems relevant.


    Thanks for the thoughts and the info Brian. I agree with everything you say, and Im not really even talking so much about the money part of this, I completly do not just want to throw money at them. I should have done a better job explaining myself. I guess the thing that caught me by surprise was the fact that people "seemed" to be judging the people that were doing it ie hollywood people and rock stars and saying the church should be doing it. yea we should be. I know in the long run Live8 and the one campaign will more than likely be a small dent in the situation, but I give em credit for drawing worldwide attention to it. Thanks for the insight.

    Brian Glass

    I agree with you in that I think they mean well and it is cool they are trying to do something good.

    However, I (being a conservative Republican) see the problem with their approach. Many Hollywoodites and rock stars are extremely liberal and supportive of socialism and communism (like our very own Ben Mitchell). Their approach would be for the government to solve all the problems in the world. Their hero is Robin Hood.

    We have seen that these approaches are completely broken. Look at what happened in the Soviet Union. It crumbled. China is full of poverty. Iraq is only now breaking free of this.

    These people are anti-freedom and pro-big-government. They want to solve the world's problems through legislation and that leads down the path to socialism, communism, and oppression, and consequently poverty.

    By championing the cause of poverty in the way they are, they are only going to increase it.

    Ben Mitchell

    Hey, hey, hey! The only reason Bush got (re)elected was that the religious right thought Bush could legislate and solve the worlds problems through the government. It's pretty sad that Hollywood has beat the church to the punch when it comes to eliminating poverty. Are we supposed to pray that it goes away? I would much rather have my tax dollars go towards the poor and hungry than funding a "war" that was supposedly over 2 years ago. I'm interested to see how Bush represents our nation at the upcoming G8 summit. Although I still think he blames global warming on the AIDS quilt!

    Ken Shafer

    As I watched some of the concert on Saturday, I found myself asking "where are all the Christian bands at?". I did see that Jars of Clay were participating or were at least there.

    After talking with a co-worker here, I found that most bands were at the Creation Festival in Pennsylvania, but why can't they do something similar.

    One of the most bothersome things to me when I was watching was at the beginning where Will Smith was explaning that every 3 seconds a child dies in Africa from disease or starvation. They then went on to show a video of certain "celebrities" snapping their fingers everything 3 seconds to demonstrate. As certain popular stars popped up on the screen, there are people in the audience screaming and cheering for them and I'm there yelling at my television, "Don't you get the point they are making?!?!?

    Brian Glass

    Actually I think he got re-elected this time around because we're all counting on him to nominate some decent justices to the supreme court.

    Check out World Vision, Cross International, etc. There are numerous other church run organizations helping poverty stricken areas. Take your pick.

    If I'm not mistaken, a portion of contributions made to Crossroads goes to help relieve world hunger. See

    They have not beaten the church to the punch. We've been doing it for thousands of years.

    Jason Ely

    Well after reading most of the comments on here I think the one thing that is missing is Pete's point. Stop critisisng who the people are that are doing something but take a look at what they are and aren't doing. I don't think Pete was saying that the one campaign was the best or even the right way but that it is a way, and if we think there is a better way then get to it. I myself have been guilty of this alot in my life. Especially of throwing money away on gadgets and movies and the like. I will probably still do it to some extent, but it also wakes me up a little to think if I am gonna throw money away why not throw it at them. Sure it may not help in the long wrong but it certainly won't hurt until we can find a better solution. Also who cares if it is a political movement or a grassroots movement. It is a movement that is trying to help people. Maybe a little misguided but still trying to help all the same.

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