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    Jim Walton

    I don't own either one, so I probably shouldn't respond, but hey, that's never stopped me before.

    I own a Treo 300 that I bought on eBay about 6 months ago. I have always wanted my palm pilot and phone in one unit and this was the first time I got that. The functionality was everything I expected, it had typical palm pilot look and feel. My issue was that the phone reception was horrible, it was ok much of the time but it would cut out and drop calls more than I could handle. So I reverted back to my original sprint phone, which is perfectly adequate as a phone, with good reception. I still use the Treo as a palm pilot, it's sitting right here on my desk and used fairly heavily as a pda.

    With that being said, I already have my sights set on what I want next, once it is more affordable and I intend to get the Treo 650. I think the Blackberry is good and at least as powerful, if not more powerful, but I will probably go with what I know. I have researched the 650 a little bit and it appears to have much better cell phone reception than the 300. The 300 is documented to have poor reception, which I had higher hopes for, but now I know first hand.

    So, that's my opinion, for what it's worth.

    Brian Glass

    Hey Pete, I'm still shopping around for groupware software/service. None of the services I have found are satisfactory so I'm contemplating setting up our own.

    One of the requirements I have is that the service/software support SyncML. SyncML will allow a PDA to sync over wifi directly with the service rather than with your desktop machine. Your email and calendar software (e.g. iCal) will then have instant updates from the server. Therefore PocketPC vs Palm should no longer be an issue. There are free SyncML clients for both PocketPC and Palm.

    Or... would you be open to using an alternate calendar program (i.e. not iCal)? There is one service that may work for this if we all switch to a Java groupware program that runs on all platforms.

    Don't get your hopes too high yet...

    Brian Glass

    BTW, I forgot to mention that the Blackberry will do SyncML too.

    Peter Bishop

    Brian I have no problem using any calendeering system as long as I can sync'd to the other stuff in my mac and thanks for the insight. Jim thanks I had heard the reception and some of the other issues with the treo were solved in the 650 as well.appreciate your help!!

    Brian Glass

    I'll probably blog about this at some point, but the main problem I've run into is finding a solution that will work for both Mac/Linux and PC. Mac and Linux are both fairly standards compliant in this area and will work together without too much trouble. PCs are another matter.

    My dream PDA is But alas, it's not a phone and is $800.

    Brian Glass

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